Schools Resilience Engagement Programme – 2017

Are you keen to support young people’s wellbeing?

Are you responsible for raising their resilience?

Whether you work with a group of schools, on a Health and Wellbeing Board, in a CCG or in Children’s Services, we can help you to reach the children and young people in your area.

Reach many schools in your area for just £5000

We’ll run a complete resilience engagement programme for the schools in your area for £5000.

They’ll get started with real, practical resilience training and you’ll help young people to thrive.

Working through schools

  • We work with schools across the UK, building resilience through training, skills development and resources.
  • Schools know they need to build their pupils’ resilience, but they rarely know where to start.
  • We’ll enthuse them: after our event they’ll understand what resilience is, why it’s vital for their young people, and have the tools they need to get going.
  • They’ll see immediate results and want to build on what they’ve learned, and we can provide the training they need.

DSC00412“A truly inspiring experience. I feel as if I want all staff to learn this!
A supportive, warm, welcoming environment was created for all and the sense of community and shared learning has been wonderful.” Participant on one of our courses 

What does our package include?

  • We’ll set up, manage and deliver five local events for you.
  • Each event can be a workshop or briefing.
  • Each event can be full day, half day or twilight.
  • We’ll find a host school and invite all the neighbouring schools to join us.
  • We’ll run five events, so you cover your whole area.

What results will you see?

  • Staff in schools will understand the importance of resilience.
  • Schools will see how they can build their student’s resilience, and be keen to get started.
  • Schools will know where to go for further training and development from a trusted provider.
  • Schools will be engaged with your resilience plans and keen to take part.
  • Young people in your area will become more resilient. You will see immediate effects in their ability to cope with challenges and seize opportunities.
  • As schools engage and start training, young people in your area will develop long-term strategies and skills that will last them a lifetime.

Cost: £5000

Location: Anywhere in the UK

Who it’s aimed at: Schools groups, Health and Wellbeing Boards, CCGs, Children’s Services

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