Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training

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PRP 3Thank you for your interest in the emotional resilience of children and young people in the UK. The role you play in enabling them to become the best possible version of themselves is so important and the Penn Resilience Programme is a perfect platform to teach them the skills of resilience. If you have questions not covered in the frequently asked questions then phone or email us. 

What is the Penn Resilience Programme (PRP)? 18 evidenced based lessons aimed at 11-13 year olds.

What do the lessons teach? Essential resilience skills and competencies that are useful in and out of school. Students will learn about the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. They will develop an understanding about different habits of thinking and how some thinking is helpful and some not so much. Resilience skills will enable them to think flexibly and accurately as a route to problem solving, overcoming the difficulties they face and making the most of opportunity.

Why should these skills be taught in school as part of the curriculum? 

Tofilter-img-02 support and develop students to be able to cope well in school and be equipped to deal with life beyond school. The PRP teaches specific, tangible skills and strategies that can become the skills for life – a set of personal tools that underpin the way students will engage and approach their time in school and in life. We believe that young people need to learn how to respond and overcome setbacks as a core part of their education. Research suggests that when students are offered the opportunity to develop emotional resilience they are better equipped to succeed in school as they are less likely to get anxious and understand how to overcome difficulty.

What does it mean to become a certified PRP Teacher? 

By attending and completing the intensive 5 day training programme you will join the growing community of certified PRP Teachers. You will receive a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania to acknowledge the expertise you have gained and authorise you to teach the PRP for life. During the training you will first learn how to use the skills yourself before moving on to understanding how to teach the lessons. This is an essential ingredient to ensuring authentic, good quality teaching and learning in the classroom.

Where and when is the next training? All dates are published here. 

Who should attend? Teachers and staff who have timetabled curriculum hours to be able to teach the 18 lessons. Schools teaching the PRP use many different delivery models. The research suggests the ideal teaching model is 1 lesson per week, however schools have found they can be taught once a fortnight or as part of whole year drop down days. It’s essential that the lessons are taught in the order set out and by teachers who are certified to do so, but otherwise there is flexibility to deliver in a way that works within the school. We can help you think this through.

The PRP has also been taught in a number of after school settings very successfully with some delivery adaptions. The same guidance applies – teach the lessons in the order set out and the person teaching must be certified to do so.

Once certified can I train others to teach the PRP?

No. The certificate provides you with a lifetime license to teach the PRP to children and young people, but you are not able to train others or pass on the specific materials to anyone else. The intensive training will ensure you have a deep understanding of resilience skills and competencies and we encourage you to share this knowledge with others.

What do I need to ensure before I book my place? That you have support from senior managers within your school or setting to ensure you will be timetabled to teach the lessons following the training. Then use the link below to register your place. You will be guided through the booking process and you will be able to ask any questions before your place is confirmed.

What is the charge? £1,375 per person for the course (£275 per day). This charge includes all teaching and student materials, the licence certification as well as lunch and refreshments during the five days. Terms & Conditions do apply.

What are the terms of the Early Bird Booking? Book in advance to receive a 20% discount. For our November 2017 bookings made on or before the 4th September 2017 will receive a 20% discount (£1,100 per person, per course, non refundable). Refer to our  Terms & Conditions here.

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