Raising Resilient Children

You don’t need us telling you how vital it is to prepare children for the challenges they’ll face in the wider world.

It takes resilience to seize the opportunities and overcome the setbacks life brings. Parents have a vital role to play in showing children how to be resilient, but that’s often easier said than done.

That’s why we’ve developed the Raising A Resilient Child programme.

In an ideal world, children would all naturally develop their own resilience so they could brush aside any problems or tricky situations they encounter like water off a duck’s back.

As we all know, that’s not the reality. While each of us has in-built resilience, it’s not a trait that’s easy for parents to explain or demonstrate to their children. A fact that’s reflected in a recent Millennium Cohort Study which shows that more than 1 in 10 children aged 11 have difficulty managing their emotions and dealing with problems.

We’ve developed the Raising a Resilient Child programme specifically for parents. It helps them develop their own resilience whilst also thinking about how to best develop their child’s resilience.

Are you a school and ready to work with us to run this programme? Find out more below.

Raising a Resilient Child

Our experts are ready to run the course. We just need your school to promote the programme to the parents of your pupils, and to lend us a classroom or hall in which to deliver it – during after school hours, of course.

We will invoice you the one-off cost of the course, and leave it up to you to decide whether or how much to charge the parents who sign up for it.

This is a programme for parents that provides practical, solution focused approaches to understand the key factors that can have an impact on resilience and some of the myths that parents and children may have about what it means to be resilient.

Download our flyer here.

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Six Modules

  • Resilient parenting
  • Resilient thinking
  • Thinking differently – changing unhelpful habits
  • Resilient relationships
  • Looking after yourself
  • Parenting to your strengths

Each module is 2 and 1/2 hours and usually held once a week for a maximum of 20 parents.

The programme helps those that attend to be the best parent they can be, playing to their own individual strengths, looking after themselves and their own resilience and getting to know their child in different ways.

The emphasis is on personal resilience, but in the context of parenting and raising resilient children. As parents explore and develop their own resilience they develop deeper understanding of the impact they have on those around them. They consider the most effective ways of enabling their children to develop resilience so they can overcome setbacks and make the most of opportunities.

The topics covered are particularly suitable for parents of children who are old enough to ‘think about their thinking’. However it’s also relevant for any parents who want to increase their own resilience.

To find out more contact us or call 0330 133 0776.

Please note: We deliver this programme in partnership with schools. If you are a parent and interested in attending a programme please talk to your child’s school and encourage them to contact us to discuss further.

Feedback from parents

The feedback from parents suggests the programme is highly regarded and valuable. Here are just a few of the comments that we have received from parents.

  • "My initial aim was a night out, once a week! The reality was learning life-long skills not just for me, but for my ability to guide my children. I am so grateful for this learning."

  • "Understanding and recognising my strengths as parent has been a real eye opener  Its easy to get bogged down and just focus on your mistakes as your kids get older. Invaluable!"

  • "I would recommend this course to every parent. It has a way of drawing you into a really good understanding of yourself and your children, but without feeling intrusive or like I was in therapy." 

  • "The way the modules build each week works really well. Practising the skills alongside other parents was so useful."

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