Media Navigator Training

Skills for navigating social media.

Media Navigator is a unique set of lessons that will help young people consider the way in which they navigate social media.

It is essential for young people to be able to; Critically analyse social media. Recognise the differences between reality and fantasy. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of social media?

The six Media Navigator lessons increase understanding about the link between media literacy (the ability to access analyse, and create media) and lived experiences of students. The lessons define concepts of media, media literacy and social media. Students learn to recognise and explore the differences between fantasy and reality, examining reality television and possible misrepresentation of every day life and blurring of boundaries. The focus is on the benefits and risks associated with social media – and how to make the most of powerful tools (such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter as examples) whilst staying safe and ensuring others are safe too. Students consider how mediums can be used to enhance social interaction and a sense of community, as well as the potential risks. Students create an identity map and connect this to their own online identities and goals in life. The skills learnt in the lessons transfer to new and evolving media.

You can access Media Navigator by attending the specialised one day training.

The materials have been written for use within a school classroom, but can easily work with groups of young people in non schools settings too. The materials are not intended for 1-1 use. Participants will leave the training fully equipped with the knowledge, resources and materials to teach the six lessons.

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Course date: February 2018

Location: Hertfordshire

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