Resilience for Staff

Resilient schools have resilient staff

One of our core principles is that the adults around children and young really matter. Your role is vital in helping them be resilient. In schools this includes teaching students resilience skills, and just as importantly demonstrating them in their own behaviour.

If staff can apply the skills of resilience to their own lives and respond constructively to difficulties, they give their students a positive model that they will observe, note and learn from.

So it’s important staff look after their own resilience even as they nurture the young people around them.

Our programmes for staff teach an understanding of their own resilience that they can model, apply and pass on.

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Resilient INSET

Our INSET offer is a great way to engage staff to work together to consider resilience as a pathway to creating a thriving school.

We provide a tailored programme that introduces the core elements required to build resilience and the skills of effective problem solving that will help staff to maintain performance, cope with setbacks and respond to opportunities.

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This is an ideal way for a school to gain a better understanding of the field.  It is a valuable intervention on it’s own, as staff will learn some useful skills, and it also serves as an ideal platform for developing an informed approach to promoting emotional resilience and thriving that is ‘owned’ by those that will be required to deliver it. 

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Thriving Leadership for Headteachers

The Thriving Leadership for Head Teachers programme is based on on well understood and validated psychological concepts and principles that provides practical, solution focused skills to ensure that leaders learn how to deal more effectively with setbacks and maximise opportunities.

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The emphasis for this programme is on personal resilience, but in the context of leadership. As individuals explore and develop their own resilience they are also developing a deeper understanding of the impact they have on those around them, and in particular the organisation that they lead.

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A key aspect of this programme is the opportunity to learn from colleagues in similar leadership positions. Our experience tells us that the opportunity to work through the day to day challenges of the role creates a peer support network, appropriate challenge and a safe environment to explore new ways of thinking. The overall objective of the group is a shared one – to thrive personally in order to better lead the organisation towards improved outcomes.

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Whole School Resilience

We believe that Psychologically healthy schools underpin effective school improvement when the whole staff group is engaged over a period of time.

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Our approach is to work with key staff who become champions who are able to deliver interventions (such as staff training) in school. The programme consists of a number of stages, each building on the last, and each essential to the overall outcomes. Key aspects of school life that are likely to be impacted in a positive way are:

  • A more open and supportive culture.
  • Attitudes and skill levels needed to introduce building resilience in students.
  • Stronger relationships in the staff room.
  • New solutions to old problems.

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Routes to Personal Resilience

All of us can do more to consider and look after our mental fitness. Often individuals do not think about their ability to cope in difficult situations until they are in one. Research suggests that paying attention to personal resilience is useful and valuable to not only cope well with the unexpected things that life presents, but also to make the most of opportunities.

2 Day Routes to Personal Resilience

The Routes to Personal Resilience course is designed to enable participants to develop a sophisticated understanding about their thinking and the link and impact on their ability to deal with everyday challenges and setbacks constructively and to solve problems effectively.

Challenges and setbacks are inevitable, but our approaches and reactions to them have an impact on our ability to thrive in difficult times, learnfrom them and move forward in a positive and helpful way. During the training frameworks and practical techniques will be introduced and individuals will have a chance to explore and practice them in a safe and engaging environment.

The skills, explored and practiced over the 2 days can be applied to everyday 

situations and can enable individuals to make the most of what life has to offer. This approach serves three purposes;

  • Firstly it allows participants to develop personal resilience
  • Secondly it helps them respond more effectively to setbacks and make the most of opportunities and
  • Thirdly it enables greater insight into how those around, or who they support, respond to setbacks and make the most of opportunities.

When staff groups come together for this training it offers the opportunity to develop a language framework that is enabling and supportive so that individuals recognise the benefits of sharing difficulties rather than hiding them.

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